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About Me

Hi everyone my name is Rebecca and i have finally plucked up the courage to sell my handmade jewellery!

Having seen my husband start a business from his hobby he has given me the inspiration to do it myself.

Jewellery is one of those crafts that i keep coming back to. I love to teach myself new skills and have collected over the years quite a lot of craft ‘stuff’. From watercolours and embroidery i use to do with mum, to card making, silver clay, stamping, photography, vinyl and once again jewellery plus a dabble in silversmithing (very early days)

So the craft i seem to keep coming back to is resin, hence the name. You can add just about anything to it and create numerous items. I love to add alcohol inks to mine. I’ve found a love of colour and some of the patterns the ink in resin create are out of this world.

Products and Services

It’s not just jewellery that i sell…

I create earrings, brooches, pendants, as well as keyrings, mirrors and magnets.

I also have a collection of gemstones that i have started to incorporate into my work and use with sterling silver.

Here’s the important links!

It’s to my shop! I currently share my husbands website so for now i will send you to that one but eventually i will venture to a site or selling market of my own.


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